Sunday, December 27, 2009

Todong Backpacking Experience

Sariling-sikap sa pag-arrange ng trip sa nalalapit na bakasyon :D
Tinodo na lahat dahil once a year lang pwedeng mangyari :D
Kasama syempre si Mrs. Aimee D. Macarubbo :D

*****  Manila - Cebu - Bohol - Dumaguete - CDO - Camiguin *****

Feb. 15, 2010
Day 1 – Manila/Cebu (via Cebu Pacific - ETD Manila: 0445H/ETA Cebu: 0600H)

Check-in:  Honey Bee Royal Inn

City Tour:
Basilica Minore del Santo Nino
Santo Nino Museum
Magellan’s Cross
Fort San Pedro
Lunch:  AA’s BBQ at Plaza Independencia
Museo Sugbu
Casa Gorordo
San Diego Ancestral Home
Heritage of Cebu Monument
Cebu Cathedral Museum
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Dinner:  Chika-an sa Sugbo
Look for:  CnT Lechon – Guadalupe Branch

Feb. 16, 2010
Day 2 – Cebu/Bohol (via Ocean Jet - ETD Cebu: 0600H/ETA Tagbilaran: 0740H)

Check-in:  Bohol Diver’s Inn Resort
Island Hopping:
Balicasag Island - Lunch
Virgin Island
Dinner:  Alona Beach (may also snorkel before dinner)

Feb. 17, 2010 
Day 3Bohol

City Tour:
1.       Tarsier Viewing
2.       Chocolate Hills
3.       Man-Made Forest
4.       Butterfly Garden
5.       Sipatan Hanging Bridge
6.       Loboc River Cruise - Lunch
7.       Clarin Ancestral House
8.       Phyton Sanctuary
9.       Baclayon Church
10.    Souvenir Shop
11.    Blood Compact Shrine

Feb. 18, 2010
Day 4 – Bohol/Dumaguete (via Ocean Jet – ETD Tagbilaran: 0800H/ETA Dumaguete: 0940H)
Overnight at Apo Island Beach Resort/Marine Sanctuary.
No electricity.

Feb. 19, 2010
Day 5 – Dumaguete/Tagbilaran (via Ocean Jet – ETD Dumaguete: 1420H/ETA Tagbilaran: 1600H)
             Tagbilaran/Cebu (via Ocean Jet – ETD Tagbilaran: 1730H/ETA Tagbilaran: 1920H)

Try Nightlife. 

Feb. 20, 2010
Day 6Cebu

City Tour:
Mactan Shrine
Brunch:  Sutukil (Beside Shrine)
Mactan Aquarium
Portofino Beach
Dinner:  Hukad (Ayala Terraces)

Feb. 21, 2010
Day 7 – Cebu/CDO (via Cebu Pacific - ETD Cebu: 0530H/ETA Cebu: 0620H)

Canopy Walking
Whitewater Rafting
Check in: Willshire Inn or Park View Hotel

Feb. 22, 2010
Day 8 – CDO/Camiguin (via Paras Seacat - ETD CDO: 0400H/ETA Camiguin: 0500H)

Check-in:  Enigmata Tree House
Morning:  Boat Ride to White Island
Afternoon: City Tour
Viewing Point
Walkway to Old Volcano & Station of the Cross
Sto. Nino Cold Spring
Tres Marias Volcano
Catarman Church Ruins
Sunken Cemetery
Ardent Hot Spring
Katibawasan Falls
Soda Water Pool
Ostrich Farm

Feb. 23, 2010
Day 9 – Camiguin/CDO (via Paras Seacat - ETD Camiguin: 0400H/ETA CDO: 0500H)
              CDO/Manila (via Cebu Pacific – ETD CDO: 1015H/ETA Mania: 1145H)

Haaay, balik sa totoong buhay :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

WISH List Ko

Dahil 4 months to go na lang, nag-iisip-isip na ko kung saan ba magandang magbakasyon sa Feb..  Dahil nananabik na sa ganda ng mga beaches sa Pinas..  Dahil sabik na rin makapagrelax-relax pagkatapos ng isang taong walang humpay na trabaho sa UAE..  Dahil sabik na rin makasama muli ang aming mga pamilya..

Hindi pa talaga sigurado kung kelan talaga ang bakasyon namin but we are so excited as early as now.  Kung pwede nga lang magbook na para makamenos sana sa mga airline tikets..  Kung pwede lang sanang malaman na ang mga trips available sa TF..  E ginawa na dapat namin --- ngayon pa lang!
Dahil nga wala pang magawa kundi mangarap at umasa, naki-grab muna ko ng mga pics ng mga lugar na gusto kong mapuntahan namin sa nalalapit na bakasyon.  Hindi ko alam kung kakayanin namin lahat pero sana..  mapuntahan namin sa loob ng isang buwang bakasyon!

Ang powdery white sands ng Isla ng Calaguas -- dahil eto raw ang isla ng pag-ibig; at ang dagat ng Bagasbas --- dahil gusto namang ma-experience ma-wash-out ng mga alon sa Bagasbas.  Pwede rin sa Baler magsurf kaso mas maganda yung package na yung trip.  Yung tipong beach bumming+surfing all in one para hindi sayang sa oras at pera.

Gusto ko rin sanang magCoron kami kasama ang family kasi daming pwedeng gawin sa Palawan at siguradong mag-eenjoy kami sa Coron!  Eto na rin lang kasi ang hindi "check" sa Palawan list ko kaya dapat ma-check na ora mismo.

Gusto ko rin sana magpunta kami sa Siquijor, Manjuyod Sandbar at Apo Island..

Sa totoo lang, andami pang pwedeng isama sa wish list kong ito kaso hindi na kakayaning puntahan sa loob ng isang buwan lang...  Ubusan na naman ng salapi ito, oh c'mon!

Nga pala, salamat Nonz, Poms, Kuya Kim, OT & Jolan sa mga magaganda nyong obra!  At pasensya na rin kung hindi ako nagpaalam bago mang-grab!  Sana naintindihan nyo :D

Monday, September 7, 2009

The CHOPSUEY Disaster

Maria Chloei Jane

Because of Ramadan, we have the liberty to go home earlier than usual.  Exactly 3 hours each day was cut-off from our usual 8-5 sched to chaotically manage to squeeze in as much work as possible.  Afternoons are then spent either getting yourself busy doing household chores or sleeping the afternoons away as all establishments are all closed by this time so no point in getting out.  Today, we chose the latter.  But I think I overdid it today.  Yes, I overdid it!

Since it was already 8:30pm and I find it too late to go gymming, I dragged my self to the kitchen to start preparing for my infamous chopsuey.  Tonight's chopsuey is different as I had to improvise an ingredient as a substitute for chicken liver that was not available as of press time.  (I always have this passion to experiment and deter from the usual.  Hence, my chosen profession.)  The "black pudding."

I was totally oblivious about this black pudding.  In fact, I did not bother to thaw it that much because I thought I could just toss it amongst the first batch of ingredients.  I thought it would not be much of a problem to me as I treated it as a "meat ingredient."  Well it is basically meat.  Since I thought it is meat, I added it before stir frying some veggies.  To my surprise, the mixture became thicker and thicker and thicker, and suddenly --- it was all black.  There goes my cauliflower!

I tried to make amends.  But I knew that the longer I stir fry the ingredients, the blacker it will become.  I do not want to overcook the veggies (I have this secret of how to make the veggies crisp and have a delightful crunch as you munch it!) so I finally retreated to face my defeat.   

Another learning experience for me. 

It is not always that we are at our best, though we did our best.  We cannot always be good at everything especially if you are not familiar with what is ahead.  There is joy in simplest of things but you tend to be equally frustrated just the same.  You can only have a handful because the others will just slip off your hand.
And lastly, Black Pudding --- is best for DINUGUAN!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Change is INEVITABLE - The Follow Through

At long last, a new CRIB!

The last few days had been tiring but equally relaxing.  You know, the rigor of transferring stuff from point A to point B in the absence of your own car and painstakingly enduring to carry as much stuff as possible. Times when you defile your anatomy and dictated it to function from which it was not made to perform.  I could even recall when we were out there waiting for a cab in the blazing Ramadan sun while hanging on to our stuff; unmindful even if it is heavy as seeking for some brief comfort would mean disaster when the cab finally arives and you have to haul everything in the back compartment in a snap.  Then getting it all back from the cab and carrying it to the 14th floor.  

All hail Elisha Otis and his brilliant invention of the elevator!  

But somehow, the pain, all the body aches, the profusing sweat and perspiration would vanish as soon as we enter our crib.  There is a feeling of zen.  It is as if we are on an unimaginable place where we could be ourselves or just be sluggish or cut a lot of slack or just be in awe of how it was a total opposite of our former place.  The air seemed so clean, the airconditioning system is just right, no crawling insects, no frequenting humans (just our saloon co-occupants whom we merely interact with; they may also had been in hibernation, just enjoying the saloon as we are doing), the comfort room and the kitchen are well-maintained (though at night the kitchen gets crowded, still we find joy in our little space, just minding the taste of what we are cooking), and just enjoying our time together, cleaning, arranging our room, moving a handful of furniture, decorating our room, buying stuff for our room, eating inside our room --- on the table that we bought together.  It was just so amazing that something we have desired for so long was given to us in so many wonderful ways.  Thank you Lord as You have always been good to us!   

I know this is just the beginning of our renewed journey but I believe that we are destined to more days, weeks, months and years of blissful togetherness.  Me and my Be together :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

HP6 - The Half BLOOD Prince

Excited na talaga sa HP.  Bakit ba kasi pinatagal pa?  Dapat November 08, ginawa pang July 09.  Sabagay, eto na nga.  Ilang tulog na lang at mapapanood na ulit ang dynamic trio. 

Dunong-dunungan na naman habang nanonood (dahil isa sa mga adik na nagbasa ng makakapal na nobela ni JK Rowling kahit lumuha na ang mga mata sa kakabasa at halos walang tulog para matapos lang agad dahil marami pang nakalinyang hihiram) at aalamin kung gaano ka-effective ang director sa pag-interpret ng HP6.  Sa trailer pa lang e mukhang maganda na.  Sana hindi tayo madismaya!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


"Fireproof doesn't mean the fire will never come.  It means when the fire comes, that you will be able to stand it."

" The sad part about it is when most people promise for better or worse --- they really mean for the better."

Catherine:  What day are you in? Caleb:  43.  
Catherine:  There are only 40.  Caleb:  Who says I have to stop?

Highly recommended for married couples, dating couples, "dreaming" singles and to everybody who would love a good laugh while realizing the hardships and trials in marriage.  A reminder that LOVE is not merely a feeling but a decision to make --- that whatever happens, there is no leaving your partner behind!

Had a blast with friends, acquaintances, churchmates and with Aimee.  Missed some parts because I had to go to the bathroom.  Did not eat much because of our earlier halo-halo overload.  Funtime with Niki, our friendly cam.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Fruitful DAY

Ang dami kong nagawa today.  Sa sobrang dami napa-blog tuloy ako :D

1.  Nagcomment, nang-view, nag-invite, nagblog, tumingin ng ibang pics, nagpost ng album na hindi pa tapos..  sa Friendster at Multiply.  Di ako masyado aktibo sa Facebook pero kung nangyari yon baka pati Facebook napatos ko.

2.  Nakipagkwentuhan sa katrabaho.  Nagkwentuhan about sa buhay may asawa.  Ang hirap nang may kasamang ibang lahi sa flat sabi nya.  Nagkwentuhan about sa lunch.  Nanghingi ng baon ng kasama ko.  Konti lang.  Sawa na rin kasi ko sa chicken --- fried, roasted, broasted.  Haaay, chicken!  Tapos harap ulit sa computer.  Browse, browse ulit.

3.  Pero nakausap ko naman ang dalawang sub-contractors na ka-meeting ko today.  Diniscuss ang mga kailangang ayusin sa mga offices.  Bulol-bulol sa ingles para lang maintindihan ng mga PANA.  Nanghingi ng business card.  Tapos binilin sa kanila na magpadala agad ng proposal para sa project.

4.  Dalawa pa ang inaantay ko today kahit na 1 hour na lang at uwian na.  Ewan ko ba, 'yung mga tao dito e hindi punctual!  Sabagay, ano pa bang ekspekin mo,  e di ba mga PANA nga sila?  So ibig sabihin, mga INDIANERO talaga sila, hahaha :D

5.   Since malapit na ulit ang uwian, isip ulit kung anong lulutuin mamaya.  May mga activities later pero mukhang sa kwarto lang ako.  Masyado kasi akong napagod today :D

6.  Bukas nasa planta naman ako.  Sana naman may magawa na ako.  O may iutos ang amo ko sa akin.  Sana magkaroon na rin sya ng pakialam sa akin.  Pero nga pala, after meeting with the GM e nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin.  Ang mga concerns ko e inaasikaso na nya.  Siguro dahil na-hotseat nga sila nung isang manager.  Natawa nga ako kanina dahil tumawag sa akin ala-English-accent.  Syempre 'di ko nabosesan.  Sabi ko bakit nanloloko sya.  Sabi nya --- "Just to get rid of some pressure off me."  Hmmmn, pressure from pinuno siguro??

7.  Gusto ko magbuhat ulit kaso kakabuhat ko lang kahapon.  Siguro mag-upload na lang ako ng ibang pics mamaya habang nagluluto.

8.  Painit na ng painit.  Yung tipong nakatayo ka lang pero tatagaktak ang pawis mo.  Sarap sana magswimming kaso sa dagat din e hindi naman ako nakatagal kahapon.  Parang sandaling langoy lang, nagsawa na agad ako.  Ang init kasi talaga.  Parang nagka-sunburn nga ako agad sa maikling sandaling nababad ako sa dagat.

9.  Kailangan ko nang tapusin 'to.  Kasi mag-uwian na.  Kailangan ko pang tawagan ang driver namin para sunduin ako dito.  Time Check:  1625H

10.  Pero Lord, salamat po at may trabaho ako.  Though alam ko hindi ako naging fruitful today, babawi na lang po ako sa mga future utos ng amo ko.  alam ko may purpose ako kaya ako nandito at alam kong may itinuturo Ka sa akin sa bawat araw ko sa mundo.  Salamat po dahil kahit nabo-bore ako lagi, I still know that You are always in control.  I trust You.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rise of the TIGER

First Meeting of all Managers and Supervisors with the GM.  The PANAs --- on with their usual "pasiklaban" acts.  The NOYPIs --- listening intently, not mindful of them. 

Then came a comment from the GM in front of all the listening crowd.  "He is like a TIGER.  Doing his job, making follow-ups and he had just recenly made an excellent observation about our website.  My hat's off to you!" 

Countless remarks suddenly poured in --- very good observation, that was very good, congratulations! 

He even received an e-mail with this photo:

   "Well done Mr. Tiger.  Keep it up!" --- from the Production Manager

The gentleman that he is, he replied:  " Apparently, the Tiger has a very good trainer --- my boss."

He doesn't want to keep all the glory to himself.  Kahit na alam nyang walang pakialam ang boss nya sa kanya.  Ang mahalaga, alam na nang GM ang kapasidad nya at kung ano ang kaya nyang gawin!

Mabuhay ang mga NOYPIs sa UAE!

**** thank YOU for letting my light shine in my workplace :D   to YOU be the Glory!!!  ***

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 20 - ASAN ka na??

300 USD --- not bad (as in NOT BAD!) for delaying your flight and have it re-scheduled the next day.  How did it happen this time?  And why does it always happen on you?  Almost 15000, you are truly blessed!

So pano, libre mo ko ha :D  Nagluto pa naman ako ng Lechon Paksiw at madaming kanin.  Akala ko kasi dating ka ngayon.  Ending, napanis ang kanin, haaay!

Hmmm, maya konti andito ka na.  Ang weird lang kasi hindi man lang kita masundo.  Hindi ko nga alam kung natuloy ba talaga flight mo this time or meron na namang irresistible offer :D

Marami tayong activities tomorrow but I'm not sure if you'd rather stay home and rest.    Birthday kasi ni aphz, mag-night-swimming daw mga Singles.  Pero dapat magsimba muna tayo before anything else ha.

Welcome BACK Aimee!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 18 - Washing MIRACLE

Had too much of the day.  Too much stress.  But not much work.  Too much laundry.  But our washing machine, too much problem!  It was one Friday morning, clad with my best "kuskos-piga" skills, the dial of the washer suddenly snapped.  Result:  I ended up manually washing my clothes. 

Two fridays already passed since then. 

At around 7pm today, I obliged my self to start sorting laundry and pulled my self to start washing.  The washer dial, which used to have automatic timer and spinwash, has to be manually maneuvered and has to be held until your forefinger and thumb starts to hurt.  After this, you have to untangle the clothes to make room for another spinning.  A tiresome and waste-of-time routine because you don't have time for other things (as I used to multitask when doing my laundry).  No time to cook either so I only had bread, 2 bananas and strawberry milk for dinner.

To save time, I usually start rinsing the first batch manually.  As I was doing it, which meant the washer is not spinning, I rotated and bent over to reach the dial.  This time it snapped again.  For a while, it seemed that I broke this darn machine again.  It totally stopped spinning even with my aid.  When I was about to give up, it started washing on its own.  Miracle!  Siguro naawa na si Lord sa akin :D

So dalawang tulog na lang, andito ka na ulit!  I pray that you'd have a safe and relaxing journey going back here.  I pray that your vacation has given you renewed strength and rekindled your motivation to work anew.  See u very, very soon Be! 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 17 - How Quickly TIME Flies!

Got this photo from Arbee after I treated them for early dinner.
My 1st month salary treat with Arbee, Kuya Jojo, Jane and Aimee.
Tapos pang-3rd month ko na dito!

Ambilis talaga ng PANAHON!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 16 - WEIRD Officemates

Just recently, a lot has been happening in our company due to the sudden death of our Managing Director. 

The new General Manager is implementing different instructions that is unappealing to "the oldies" and is a constant laughingstock nowadays.

But what I could not understand is that they seem to ridicule even his instruction of keeping Saturday, the other is Friday, as another non-working day --- another OFF-day.  What??  I really can't dig it.  Why can't they just be happy and obey him?  I am happy!  So happy that as early as now, I am already planning on how I could use that extra day for recreation or maybe for rest.  I'd like to obey..  But my boss told me that I am not yet entitled to it because I am still on probation for the next 3-months.  What a pity!  Oh well, at least there is another thing, aside from regularization increase,  to look forward to after my probation :D

You know what, I think they are sick!  If only they could open their eyes some more and see that there is more to life than work!  If only I could share to them the happiness there is to life than confining one's self inside the office for countless hours and days!  Hey officemates, we were created not only to work but also to live! 

Hindi naman ako galit ha, nagpapaliwanag lang :D

Lastly, I could still recall a story about our deceased Managing Director.  While inside the ICU, he suddenly got up, removed all the tubes inserted in or poked on his body and while wailing he said, "I like to see my daughters!"

Remember that in your deathbed, your work will not cry for you.  (It will not even shed a tear for you.  In fact, it could easily find someone to replace you.)  But your FAMILY surely will.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 15 - A LOVE Letter


Nakita ko iyong mga litrato mo, ang saya-saya mo.  Ngayon lang kita nakitang ganyan kasaya!  Parang mas masaya ka pa nga dyan kaysa noong kasama mo ko dito, hehe :D 

Kunsabagay, iba naman kasi talaga kapag kasama ang pamilya.  Walang pagsidlan ang kaligayahan.  Nag-iiwan ito ng pitak sa ating alaala at habambuhay nang nakatimo sa ating puso at isipan.  (Parang ang korni ano, pagbigyan mo na lang ha at lulubusin ko pa.)  Ito rin ang nakakapagpaalala kung gaano tayo kamahal ng Diyos --- dahil biniyayaan Niya tayo ng pamilyang mapag-aruga at pamilyang laging nakasuporta sa ano mang desisyon natin sa buhay.  Hindi ba't sobra-sobrang biyaya na ito?

Ang ganda ng mga kuha nyo sa Sagada.  Kitang kita ko na talagang nag-enjoy kayo.  Na kahit pagod na sa kakalakad ay walang kapaguran pa rin sa pag-Jumpshot.  Kaka-adik tumalon ano?  Kasi kapag tumalon kayo, parang iyon na 'yong kabuuan ng iyong nadarama.  Maligaya, masaya, pagod, 'di mapakali.  Basta, hindi maipaliwanag.  Kaya nga't daanin na lang sa pagtalon.

Binabati ko nga pala kayo sa pagtapos nyo ng Cave Connection.  Alam ko namang kaya nyo 'yon.  Walang pagdududa.  Kaso nga lang, bakit parang wala kayong masyadong litrato sa loob.  Sayang naman kung ganoon, kasi maganda ang mga rock formations sa loob.  Maganda sanang alaala.  Na minsan, kinalimutan nyo ang lahat ng inhibisyon at kaartehan sa buhay, para lamang makalabas sa kabilang bunganga ng kuweba!

Nakita ko rin 'yung litrato mo sa bahay kubo natin sa Batangas.  Ang saya ninyo doon.  Parang bayanihan ang dating.  At ang sipag mo ha.  Kunsabagay, paborito mo talaga ang maglinis.  Sana ganoon rin tayo kapag tayong dalawa naman ang magtatayo ng sarili nating bahay.  Kaso paano iyon?  Hindi ba't condo ang gusto natin?  A, ako lang pala ang may gusto.  Basta, pag-usapan na lang natin ulit pagbalik mo. 

Nakipaglaro ka rin pala kay Chloei.  Mabait siya ano?  Kaso isa lang talaga ang alam niyang laro --- ngatngatan :D  Pero may mga bago syang tricks na alam hindi ba?  Hay, ang laki na niya.  Sana kilala niya pa rin ako pagbalik ko.

Sina Nanay at Tatay, kumusta pala?  Siguradong tuwang-tuwa sila na bumalik muli ang kanilang pinakamamahal na anak.  Sigurado ring babawi ka sa mga luto ni Tatay.  Kahit ako rin naaalala ko rin mga luto ni Tatay.  Masarap kasi talaga, na parang may ibang linamanam.  Sigurado ring andaming kwento ni Nanay sa iyo.  Atlis ngayon, pwede nya nang antayin ang sagot mo :D

Si Ataleng?  Ang galing! Tapos na kayong lahat.  Ang sarap nga pakiramdam ano.  Ganyan din ang nadama ko noong nakatapos si Giliw.  Ika nga, "Proud na Proud."  O, sabihin mo sa kanya na hinay-hinay lang ha.  Huwag magmadali.  Dahil mayroon talaga Siyang magandang plano para sa kanya.

Naku malapit ka na ulit bumalik dito.  Eksaktong isang linggo na lang.  Dapat ay baunin mo lahat ng magagandang alala ng iyong bakasyon dyan.  Halos isang taon ka muling lilisan para tuparin ang mga pangarap mo sa buhay.  Maghanda ka na ha.  Kasi pagbalik mo dito ay sasabak ka na naman sa walang humpay na trabaho.  Stress.  Mga ka-Pana-an.  Bawal magsick-leave.  Kailangan magstay-back.  Laba.  Luto.  Grocery.  Paulit-ulit.  Parang sirang plaka.

Pero huwag ka mag-alala, nandito naman ako.  Katulong mo ako sa kahit anong bagay na bumabagabag sa iyo.  Sabihin mo lang sa akin.  Basta't kaya ko ay gagawin ko.  Kung hindi ko naman kaya ay kakayanin pa rin.  Para sa iyo.  Para sa atin.

Salamat po.  Pakiramdam ko, mas lalo akong naging mabuting tao dahil sa iyo.  Wala nang iwanan ha.  At kahit pa sa susunod na bakasyon, kailangan, magkasama na tayo!

Lubos na nanabik sa iyo at hanap-hanap ka, McRICH

P.S. (Pahabol Sinta) ... pagkakataon ko nang bumawi, haha, huwag kalimutan ang aking mga padala pagbalik mo dito.  I-email ko na sina Ma para sa mga kailangan ko, hehe :D

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 7 - The MERGER

My loving MA & caring PA with my pretty Aimee :D

My ever ENERGETIC Nanay with Chloei & Pipoy :D

Jumpshot of Leng, Aimee and Arlene in Sagada

Chloei and Pipoy playing :D

Thank you Lord for our FAMILIES!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 4 - Cravings

Sobrang nagcrave ako kanina sa Butterfly Prawn sandwich (see photo.  Di ba mukhang masarap talaga?) pagkatapos maggym.  Kaso wala akong dalang pera.  So ang ginawa ko, hindi na ko nahiya sa gym buddy kong mangutang.  E kaso ala rin pala syang dalang pera.  Kaya ayun, minabuti ko na lang umuwi.

Kailangan ko ng madaliang luto kaya nanghiram din ako ng 2 itlog sa ka-room ko.  Define katamaran??  haha :D  Kakatamad kasi na umalis ulit para lang sa itlog.  E gutom na gutom na talaga ko!

Since meron pa ring natirang Corned Beef (hephep, nakapagluto na ko ng nilaga kaya it doesn't mean na ulam ko yung Corned Beef hanggang kanina!), sinangag ko na lang ang tirang kanin at nagluto ng dalawang sunny side up na itlog with matching spicy bagoong bilang sawsawan.  Ayos naman at nabusog din. 

Pero pagkatapos e nagcrave naman ako sa Doritos!  Haaay, grabe na talaga 'tong cravings ko.  Marahil siguro sa pagbubuhat.  Pero ang galing! Kasi yung isang ka-flat namin e may Doritos pala :D  E nabanggit ko sa kanya.  Ayun, binigyan ako.  Ayos!

Salamat Lord sa buong araw sa buhay ko! 
Bukas ulit :D

Time Check:  11:10pm

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 3 - Remembering MITCH

I remember the first time I saw you.  Quietly minding your own, staring at people passing by.  That made me notice you.  Your simple elegance somewhat caught my eyes.  Even then I knew that we were meant for each other.

I remember the first time we had our first stroll.  Did you see how proud I was just being with you?  I hope you did.  'Cause I love how you comforted me.  I love how gently you carried me amidst the chill of the night.  It was as if we knew each other for a long time.  We had fun that night and I was wishing then that we would never part again, ever.
But all is gone, Mitch.

I am sorry that I left you.  I did not know.  I thought you were still with me that morning.  I thought you were just walking by.  Please forgive me.  And now like Solo, you are gone --- gone forever.

Please take care Mitch for I will surely miss you...

P. S.      Hmmm, where can I buy a new JACKET?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 2 - Corned Beef Sarap

Wala namang masyadong ginawa sa office.  Tinapos ko lang mga pending reports.  Nag-email-email.  Nag-follow-up ng mga pending concerns sa different departments.  Umikot sa planta.  Nakipagkwentuhan sa ibang mga pinoy (na minsan ay wala na talagang mapag-kwentuhan).  Nagpakitang-gilas sa pagpu-push up (Trivia:  Kahit pala malalaking tao ang mga Pakistani e hindi nila kayang magpush up!) dahil kala nila e di ako marunong magpush up tulad ng mga Pakistani.  Ayaw paawat ng isang Nepali at nagpakita pa ng ibang kahindik-hindik na moves.  Sabi ko nga sa kanya e baka nagtrabaho sya dati sa Circus.  Tawa naman sya.

Ikot ulit sa planta.  Biglang may isang Supervisor na nagsumbong na may isang sub-contractor na hindi sumusunod sa mga patakaran sa Health and Safety.  Syempre punta agad ako para mag-imbestiga.  Pinilit kong pigilan ang operasyon ngunit na-overrule naman ng Manager ko.  So pinabayaan ko na lang sya.  Dahil mukhang okay lang naman sa kanya ang mga pangyayari.  Anyway e malapit ng mag-uwian at andon naman sya kaya umalis na lang ako para magprepare sa pag-uwi.

Pagdating sa accommodation e pahinga lang sandali.  True to my calling ng pagiging Kuracho, e naligo ulit ako pagkatapos magpahinga para sa Prayer gathering namin by 8pm.  Kumain na lang ulit ako ng biscuit para pantawid gutom.

Bandang 9:30 e nakauwi na ulit.  Nagmadaling magluto ng aking pamatay na corned beef :D dahil hindi pa nga ako nagdi-dinner.  Linagyan ko lang ng patatas, aside from the usual panggisa ingredients, at ayos na!  Mabuti na itong dinner at pambaon the next day.

Time Check ngayon e 11:26pm.  Handa na akong matulog.  Ano na kayang ginagawa nina Aimee, Ataleng at Leng papuntang Sagada?  Malamang natutulog.  Mahaba kasi talaga ang biyahe papunta don bukod sa nakakapagod talaga.  Pero ang alam ko, kakayanin naman nila ang Cave Connection Adventure!

Hmmmm, antok na ko. Zzzzzzzzz....