Friday, October 1, 2010

Aimeeee, YEY!

7,776,000 seconds ---  that's how long I've been waiting (and still waiting) till my loving wife comes back from maternity leave! 

A painstaking 129,600 minutes of going through work and living in the absence of my wife.  Each minute ticking away like a snail pacing a large stadium.

2,160 hours of staying sane, unmindful of the fact that I am alone and oftentimes making my self numb to the point of ignoring my emotions.

3 months of easy-to-cook meals (fried, microwave, freebies, take-outs or eat-ins, init-init food).

A quarter of a year that felt like ETERNITY!

But hey, my time of agony is soon coming to a halt --- Aimee is coming, YEY :)  And this is actually the last week of waiting.  Come Thursday, at 1300H Abu Dhabi time, my wife is back again! 

Oh Be, I so terribly, overly, exaggeratingly miss you so, so, so much, hehe!
So in preparation, it also means that I still have time to do the following while I still have time to spare:

1.  Major, Major Clean-up - Don't get me wrong.  I do a weekly tidying up routine.  You know the usual basang-basahan, punas-punas-the-alikabok thing, walis-walis the alikabok after punas-punas, throwing away the garbage accumulated within the week, etc.  But of course this week will be a double, make it triple, clean up project! 
2.  A Full Fridge - Need to find time to buy food and stock up.  I miss my wife's cooking and I know she misses cooking for her hubby too!  I am so glad that I will get to savour different viands soon.  (A far cry from pritong itlog, pritong hotdog, pritong maling or tocino everyday!)
3.  Running shoes, you will be running again! - we were not able to even jog when she got pregnant (of course), so we plan to exercise again (and it is an approximately 9+3 months of just munching and loading up fats down our waist). 
4.  Clothes Inventory - need to fold-up and tuck-away (for now, **wink**) those maternity dresses that she left in our cabinet.  I also have this nasty habit of pulling clothes from beneath, leaving the ones on top dangling.  Kailangan ayusin baka mapalo hehe :D
5.  and a SURPRISE!

Aimee, my Be, I honor you for being so strong all throughout our journey.  Having us apart made me realize that --- I might have done something good, to deserve someone so great as YOU!

I love you Be :)