Monday, August 24, 2009

Change is INEVITABLE - The Follow Through

At long last, a new CRIB!

The last few days had been tiring but equally relaxing.  You know, the rigor of transferring stuff from point A to point B in the absence of your own car and painstakingly enduring to carry as much stuff as possible. Times when you defile your anatomy and dictated it to function from which it was not made to perform.  I could even recall when we were out there waiting for a cab in the blazing Ramadan sun while hanging on to our stuff; unmindful even if it is heavy as seeking for some brief comfort would mean disaster when the cab finally arives and you have to haul everything in the back compartment in a snap.  Then getting it all back from the cab and carrying it to the 14th floor.  

All hail Elisha Otis and his brilliant invention of the elevator!  

But somehow, the pain, all the body aches, the profusing sweat and perspiration would vanish as soon as we enter our crib.  There is a feeling of zen.  It is as if we are on an unimaginable place where we could be ourselves or just be sluggish or cut a lot of slack or just be in awe of how it was a total opposite of our former place.  The air seemed so clean, the airconditioning system is just right, no crawling insects, no frequenting humans (just our saloon co-occupants whom we merely interact with; they may also had been in hibernation, just enjoying the saloon as we are doing), the comfort room and the kitchen are well-maintained (though at night the kitchen gets crowded, still we find joy in our little space, just minding the taste of what we are cooking), and just enjoying our time together, cleaning, arranging our room, moving a handful of furniture, decorating our room, buying stuff for our room, eating inside our room --- on the table that we bought together.  It was just so amazing that something we have desired for so long was given to us in so many wonderful ways.  Thank you Lord as You have always been good to us!   

I know this is just the beginning of our renewed journey but I believe that we are destined to more days, weeks, months and years of blissful togetherness.  Me and my Be together :)