Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey it's Daddy --- and this is my first letter to my Son 

How are you Caleb?  If you are reading this post, it means that you are a grown up now (and my Multiply site is still around  ) and I know that you are very happy while reading this. 

How is it going so far, Son?  How's your jorney?  Let me tell you Caleb, you are up for more --- a lot of learning experiences ahead, important decisions to make and a lifetime to enjoy!  Sounds fun Son?  We hope so.

Caleb, we really can't wait to witness the fulfillment of God's promises to you.  You are bound for greatness!  You are going to surpass whatever Mommy and Daddy had accomplished; but you will stay humble as you know that your strength is from the Lord.  Just continue to learn more about God for He is your refuge.   

Do not be afraid Son for we are with you every step of the way.  We will guide you and teach you like when you were still little.  And if you ever make mistakes, just stand up again.  Life is about making mistakes (that you don't really mean to commit -- hope we're clear!) and having to learn from it. 

Love your family.  You are so blessed to have one.  Be polite and courteous to Mommy and Daddy, Lolo and Lola, Aunts and Uncle.  They all have a story to tell.  Emulate their wisdom and understand their stories.  They are well experienced so remember all the lessons of their conquests.  Savour each moment with them.  There will come a time that you may need to leave us to be with your own family.  But I guess, discussing about having your own family is too premature, hehe  .  Just the same, I want you to know that.  And if Naomi Aim is finally with us, love your sister the way we loved you. 

If you are a student, be a student!  Learn.  Be the best student that you can be.  Never get tired of doing everything on your own (that includes the projects!).  And if you need help, Mommy and Daddy will hep you.  But you have to finish your project on your own .  Lessen your gimmicks (I know it is inevitable).  Know your limitations and never succumb to peer pressure.  You are unique and God gave you a free will.  Never do something because everybody does it.  Life is about knowing what you want and doing it without hurting people around you.  Never rush to have a girlfriend.  The Lord has provided one for you, your future wife, when you were still in Mommy's tummy.  So trust God the way we trusted Him.   

Lastly Son, I suggest that you enjoy your youth.  It only comes once in your life so don't waste it bumming around.  Travel a lot!  Learn how beautiful the earth is and enjoy God's creations.  Mingle with people and learn about  different cultures.  Capture all those great moments through photography.  Learn music and play all the musical instruments that you like.  Music is the food of the soul.  Along with singing, it is a great way to vent.  Learn how to swim.  Then after swimming, try surfing.  Be 'stoked.'  I only learned about it lately and until now, I still reminisce of how challenging it is to merely stand on the board.  Really a fun time.  Be sporty. 

So Caleb, just always remember that Mommy and Daddy loves you very much!  Just promise us that you will be a good boy --- for that is all we are after Son!