Monday, September 7, 2009

The CHOPSUEY Disaster

Maria Chloei Jane

Because of Ramadan, we have the liberty to go home earlier than usual.  Exactly 3 hours each day was cut-off from our usual 8-5 sched to chaotically manage to squeeze in as much work as possible.  Afternoons are then spent either getting yourself busy doing household chores or sleeping the afternoons away as all establishments are all closed by this time so no point in getting out.  Today, we chose the latter.  But I think I overdid it today.  Yes, I overdid it!

Since it was already 8:30pm and I find it too late to go gymming, I dragged my self to the kitchen to start preparing for my infamous chopsuey.  Tonight's chopsuey is different as I had to improvise an ingredient as a substitute for chicken liver that was not available as of press time.  (I always have this passion to experiment and deter from the usual.  Hence, my chosen profession.)  The "black pudding."

I was totally oblivious about this black pudding.  In fact, I did not bother to thaw it that much because I thought I could just toss it amongst the first batch of ingredients.  I thought it would not be much of a problem to me as I treated it as a "meat ingredient."  Well it is basically meat.  Since I thought it is meat, I added it before stir frying some veggies.  To my surprise, the mixture became thicker and thicker and thicker, and suddenly --- it was all black.  There goes my cauliflower!

I tried to make amends.  But I knew that the longer I stir fry the ingredients, the blacker it will become.  I do not want to overcook the veggies (I have this secret of how to make the veggies crisp and have a delightful crunch as you munch it!) so I finally retreated to face my defeat.   

Another learning experience for me. 

It is not always that we are at our best, though we did our best.  We cannot always be good at everything especially if you are not familiar with what is ahead.  There is joy in simplest of things but you tend to be equally frustrated just the same.  You can only have a handful because the others will just slip off your hand.
And lastly, Black Pudding --- is best for DINUGUAN!

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