Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 18 - Washing MIRACLE

Had too much of the day.  Too much stress.  But not much work.  Too much laundry.  But our washing machine, too much problem!  It was one Friday morning, clad with my best "kuskos-piga" skills, the dial of the washer suddenly snapped.  Result:  I ended up manually washing my clothes. 

Two fridays already passed since then. 

At around 7pm today, I obliged my self to start sorting laundry and pulled my self to start washing.  The washer dial, which used to have automatic timer and spinwash, has to be manually maneuvered and has to be held until your forefinger and thumb starts to hurt.  After this, you have to untangle the clothes to make room for another spinning.  A tiresome and waste-of-time routine because you don't have time for other things (as I used to multitask when doing my laundry).  No time to cook either so I only had bread, 2 bananas and strawberry milk for dinner.

To save time, I usually start rinsing the first batch manually.  As I was doing it, which meant the washer is not spinning, I rotated and bent over to reach the dial.  This time it snapped again.  For a while, it seemed that I broke this darn machine again.  It totally stopped spinning even with my aid.  When I was about to give up, it started washing on its own.  Miracle!  Siguro naawa na si Lord sa akin :D

So dalawang tulog na lang, andito ka na ulit!  I pray that you'd have a safe and relaxing journey going back here.  I pray that your vacation has given you renewed strength and rekindled your motivation to work anew.  See u very, very soon Be! 

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