Friday, April 3, 2009


I could still remember last night at the City Terminal.

There we were trying to convince the terminal officer to admit Aimee's 42-kg baggage but to no avail.  Somehow, our power of persuasion was no match to his steadfast adherence to the rules.  We had no choice but to open up the box we painstakingly wrapped up, tied up and tidied up for more than an hour.  And there we were standing on the counter with our ashened face trying to make out what to do next.  But what to do?  

With a lightning speed, Aimee was gone.  Ardee and I were left taking turns to off-load the box.  Trying to figure out which stuff we should unpack.  Cookwares, shoes, clothes, M&S biscuits, etc. --- off you go.  Then as we turned, there we found Aimee with a masking tape on hand and a sack bag on the other.  Only thing lucking now is a cutter.  Thank God for keys!

Back to the terminal.  X-ray.  Sticker.  Weighing.  At last it was 38 this time!  We thought we had almost made it but we did not!  The officer still could not accept it.  But to a high of Php9000 (800 AED), the excess baggage fee was lowered to Php4000 (400 AED).  Still a lot of money for us.  4 thousand is already enough for a nice dinner for 2 families somewhere in ATC.  Again, we had to unpack!

This time we got rid of the Tefal cookware totally.  Also done some trial and error to find out if we had at least reached 35.  Then we called the officer again.  Bore the usual pleading actuations.  Made some babby talks.  Showed some weary eyes.  At last, the officer finally gave in.

24 hours later, here I am alone.  Hungry.  Not in the mood to cook.  Not in the mood to go out.  Not in the mood to do anything else.  Was asked by my roommates to go out with them for a birthday party but I declined.  I am too lazy to party and even too lazy to eat.  All I wanted is to finish off this blog and snooze off to sleep.

But how can I?  I am missing YOU!  

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