Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 1 - Call me KURACHO

Woke up around 9am.  Prepared the washing machine.  Got all the the dirty clothes.  Spinned the first batch.  Then when I was about to go on with the next, the spin dial seemed to have lost contact within.  Darn.  I ended up manually washing my clothes!  And there were lots of it :(

I did my best to finish by 1pm.  Ate 2 M&S cookies and drank a glass of water just to suppress my hunger (as I no longer have time to cook).  I have to be in church by 2.  So after resting for about 30 minutes, I hurriedly took a bath and dressed up.  I don't want to miss the P&W!

Then came the message about PRAYER.  Simply put, prayer affirms what is written in His Word; so we have to believe and claim His promises in us.  The ABC's of prayer :D

After church, Jane and I went to Cebu Restaurant as she wanted to treat me out.  Talk about answered prayers :D She had just gotten back from Oman (from where she waited her employment visa) and she wanted us to eat as a welcome treat.  She was so happy and relieved that she's back.  We talked about stranded Filipinoes there.  The hopeless case of some.  The hopefuls who are still awaiting a spark of miracle so that they could come back here.  I know how she felt.  I experienced it too.

We departed around 5pm.  I went home to rest.  Ate 1 biscuit for some sugar-rush.  Had to prepare because I'm meeting up with my small group friends.  (Last small group session, we agreed to burn up some fats, sweat a bit and exercise!)  Jeff, Apz and Jim made it.  I did not know what happened with Arbee.  Before I left church, he told me he would come.  Same goes with Martin.  Anyway, I was so glad that I was able to pump up some muscles again after two weeks of no exercise at all!  I took time to teach Jeff some routines while Jim had Apz.  We finished around 9.

Right after gym, I headed straight to the supermarket.  I no longer have rice to cook.  I was so hungry I could eat an elephant!  (Now, I'm exaggerating :D)

Got home, rested again.  Went to the kitchen and cooked rice.  Good thing I still have some eggs for a quick meal.  Then my roomates gave me a pininyahan drumstick.  Maybe they took pity on me after seeing me eating omelet, haha.

Then around 11:10pm, I looked for my sling bag.  Wait.  I left it in the resto!  Huwaaah :(  Hope it is still there.  Good thing the resto was just like some 5 minutes walk from our villa. 

The wind was so chilly.  Freak weather it is.  Just some days ago, it was beginning to get hot.  Then now, my whole body was literally shaking as I walked.  As I approached the resto, I prayed a little to God.  Hope it's still there.  And then --- lo and behold, my precious sling bag!

Time Check:  11:55pm

Call me KURACHO...  Ang Lalaking Walang Pahinga!

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