Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rise of the TIGER

First Meeting of all Managers and Supervisors with the GM.  The PANAs --- on with their usual "pasiklaban" acts.  The NOYPIs --- listening intently, not mindful of them. 

Then came a comment from the GM in front of all the listening crowd.  "He is like a TIGER.  Doing his job, making follow-ups and he had just recenly made an excellent observation about our website.  My hat's off to you!" 

Countless remarks suddenly poured in --- very good observation, that was very good, congratulations! 

He even received an e-mail with this photo:

   "Well done Mr. Tiger.  Keep it up!" --- from the Production Manager

The gentleman that he is, he replied:  " Apparently, the Tiger has a very good trainer --- my boss."

He doesn't want to keep all the glory to himself.  Kahit na alam nyang walang pakialam ang boss nya sa kanya.  Ang mahalaga, alam na nang GM ang kapasidad nya at kung ano ang kaya nyang gawin!

Mabuhay ang mga NOYPIs sa UAE!

**** thank YOU for letting my light shine in my workplace :D   to YOU be the Glory!!!  ***

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