Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 16 - WEIRD Officemates

Just recently, a lot has been happening in our company due to the sudden death of our Managing Director. 

The new General Manager is implementing different instructions that is unappealing to "the oldies" and is a constant laughingstock nowadays.

But what I could not understand is that they seem to ridicule even his instruction of keeping Saturday, the other is Friday, as another non-working day --- another OFF-day.  What??  I really can't dig it.  Why can't they just be happy and obey him?  I am happy!  So happy that as early as now, I am already planning on how I could use that extra day for recreation or maybe for rest.  I'd like to obey..  But my boss told me that I am not yet entitled to it because I am still on probation for the next 3-months.  What a pity!  Oh well, at least there is another thing, aside from regularization increase,  to look forward to after my probation :D

You know what, I think they are sick!  If only they could open their eyes some more and see that there is more to life than work!  If only I could share to them the happiness there is to life than confining one's self inside the office for countless hours and days!  Hey officemates, we were created not only to work but also to live! 

Hindi naman ako galit ha, nagpapaliwanag lang :D

Lastly, I could still recall a story about our deceased Managing Director.  While inside the ICU, he suddenly got up, removed all the tubes inserted in or poked on his body and while wailing he said, "I like to see my daughters!"

Remember that in your deathbed, your work will not cry for you.  (It will not even shed a tear for you.  In fact, it could easily find someone to replace you.)  But your FAMILY surely will.

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