Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am not really a blogger...  because I am not good with words.  I would rather read someone else's blog, then share a piece of my thoughts, than create and re-read my own.

I am more of a poser (though the result may not be always satisfactory)...  sometimes a jester (if one single joke clicks then you're up for more)...  a motivator (i love seeing others triumph over their fears)...  a go-getter (hence, my battlecry: I refuse to just exist---i live)...  but it never occured to me that this day would come where I'd finally squeeze my balls, and spark some brain activities, to come up with something interesting and worth reading. 

But I realized that I am not doing this to impress.  I am starting to blog to GIVE BACK.  This is going to be my simple gesture of thanking Him, thanking new found friends and acquaintances, appreciating my family more, and showing my gratitude to Life for all the experiences I gained. 

Folks I may not be a blogger, but for Travel Factor --- I will!

I could still remember the time while I was watching Sports Unlimited (that was when I'm like 2 or 3 shades lighter and some few bucks richer; but awfully bored), I got enticed by two young ladies delivering a monologue about Travel Factor and travel and stuff about travel and all about PASSION ( Haha, Tix!)... 

Though this is an extremely overused line, I'd like to abuse it some more --- and the rest they say is History!

Thank you Travel Factor for the merriment of experiencing some of the 7,107 ways of enjoying life! 

...  for accommodating me in El Nido though there is only a day left!

...  for letting me partyyyyy (where people are more interested to pose than to dance, haha)! 

...  for getting me STOKED and craving to be stoked again!

...  for letting me do what I dread most, like to Trek, and be happy that I did such.

...  for preparing me on my next trip through Pinatubo, in finding the very elusive lighthouse of Ca-pagod Island and later on be mesmerized by the Very PINE Beach and even later, to satisfy my yearning for STOKE!

...  and lastly, for letting me take care of others, more than my Life, to the point of bloodloss :D





Beautiful places.  Amazing people.  Inextinguishable spirit. 
And that was, my TF experience!

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