Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The BIRD that Flew DHABI

Envelope courtesy of Tikoy.  (Hihi, ito po ay isang Metrobank envelope pa, thank u Tikoy!)  Paper courtesy of Tikoy?  or was it from Nonie?  Hmmm, sign of the times :)  Basta ang naaalala ko, I was so eager to write Aimee a letter to tell her how much fun I was having and I was so thinking of her in every islands, in every waters that we were exploring..  That I was so hoping that she was beside me that time.. 

Anyway,  while everybody went out exploring the pasalubong stores, I opted to stay to finish my writings.  And as an extra treat, I included the coconut leaf BIRD that Manong Banker gave us. 

On our way back to Manila, I asked around for the post office.  I realized later that it was a Sunday so no chance at all of mailing it from Puerto Princesa.  A bit disappointed that my plan did not materialize, I just carried it back to Manila and mailed it from there.

After almost 2 months in transit,  Aimee finally received it --- with the Bird now all dried up :)

Seeing it again now brought back fond memories --- a piece of home, bundled with My LOVE. 

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