Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Night of Testimonies

**  A transcript of Aimee's first ever testimony last December 4 held at The Evangelical Church.  I was so blessed to see my wife summoning up all her courage just to share God's goodness in our family infront of everybody.  Love you Be and I am so proud of you! **

Last night when Ate Grace Bondoc asked me if I could deliver a testimony, I was at first hesitant.  It's because I have always thought that testimonies should be something grand.  You know, the usual testimonies where you prayed so hard that a miraculous intervention and an answered prayer happened afterwards.  Or a testimony about a problem so big that you thought you can never get through...  But out of His goodness, it all amazingly disappeared!

I never had those (and I sure hope that I'll never will).  What I want to share with you tonight are the simple wonders that I am experiencing right now as a maturing christian, a new mother and a wife. 

As you see, if God is able to answer mountain-like problems or solve mission impossible circumstances, how much more will He respond to simple day-to-day prayers?  Let me share with you one by one.

PRAYING FOR OUR SON, CALEB RICH - If you happened to be my husband's Facebook friend, you might have noticed a short declaration of faith on the sidebar.  To non-believers it may appear as arrogance; or to some a mere stint of positive thinking.  But no, it is not.  It is believing that prior to our son's emergence in this world, everything has been pre-planned for him.  That even at the time when he was still inside my womb, the Lord had already blessed him!  It is not arrogance or positive thinking --- it is making sure that our confessions and our desires are in line with God's promises in us.  It is believing that God is more capable of raising up our kid according to His will.  So thank you Lord for our kid --- at 3 months old, he is now able to navigate and walk around through his walker!

PRAYING FOR OUR OWN HOME - It is our desire to be back in the Philippines as soon as possible.  That is why it is our constant prayer that the Lord will grant us our own home.  We thought it was impossible to have a home within Metro Manila --- where asset prices are all shooting up.  We thought we would be like other newly-weds --- where buying a condo unit is the best and only option.  But no, God had not wanted us to live in a 'box.'  God wanted us to have a home with a clean title, strategically-located & on a prime location, with an abundance of sun, wind & water, and will be fully paid by this month!  We thought it was impossible, but to God, everything is possible!

I also would like to thank the Lord for our familes --- who had always been supportive.  I thank the Lord for our CG, EN, JCHGM and friends --- who always lift us up in trying times through their encouragement.  And I thank you Lord for I have a job --- because having one makes me bless others as well.

And last but not the least, I thank the Lord for my husband --- for his loving leadership taught me to constantly walk with the Lord.  He is an extraordinary husband whom I can share any physical, emotional, financial or spiritual matters and would always open my mind and inspire me to new and exciting options.  

To everybody tonight, let me share with you a Proverb:  'Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit."

Let us all be careful on what we confess.  Allow God and always believe that God will fulfill His promises in us.  Also, please remember that the Lord has given all of us our own Garden of Eden.  So it is really up to us on how we will make our garden prosper and produce a good harvest.


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